Coreana Premium Moisture Solution Set 2


Set contains:

Moisture Solution Toner (Moist Type) 2ooml x 1

Moisture Solution Emulsion 120ml x 1

Clean Solution Peeling Magic 20ml x 1

Powercell Essence 10ml x 1

Moisture Solution Serum 8ml x 1

Moisture Solution Cream 10ml x 1

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Works by activating skin cells to signal cells to develop “Phto-S1P” which restores skin to a healthy and firm state.

The Powercell essence contains Phyto-S1P which stimulates this cell signalling function which will improve capabilities of skin.

Usage Order: Peeling Magic – Toner – Powercell Essence – Serum – Emulsion – Cream

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2000 g


Patent ingredients “Phyto S1P TM”, pansy, white tree ears and yam extract, soybean fermentation extract, vitamin B5, omega 7, Australia walnut oil.



When following symptoms occur, stop using this product and consult with doctor. 1) Rashes, itchiness, swollenness, stimulus. 2) Similar symptoms like above caused by direct or light. 2. Do not apply over wounds, eczema. 3. Other matters that require attention: 1) Cap must be closed after use. 2) Keep away from children 3) Keep container from high or low temperature. Keep away from direct ray of light. 4. Do not fill in this container with any other materials for any kind of use. 5. This product is uneatable. When you eat this product, vomit immediately and consult with doctor.