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Bonita’s Beauty founded in 2017 is an online boutique based in Sydney.

We are authorised distributors in providing Australians with premium reputable Korean Beauty brands catering different skin types.

Our aim is to promote healthy living and provide essential products that can be easily integrated into your daily skin routine. We believe natural products. Brands such as Skinfood and Coreana integrate natural foods and herbs into their cosmetics, giving skin a healthier glow by reducing the amount of chemicals used.

Our main brand we offer is Coreana Cosmetics. Coreana is a premium Korean cosmetic brand established in 1988. Their products focus on the use of natural herbs and plants to reinforce an Eco-friendly environment. They target audiences of all ages and skin types, providing luxury products for both young and mature skin, oily and dry skin and also common skin troubles such as whitening and anti-wrinkles.


Bonita’s Beauty